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Looking for a reputable North Brisbane electrician to install your new switchboard or upgrade it? Look no further! Fried Electrical provides residential and commercial switchboard design and installation that follows stringent government standards.

Here are the services we offer for residential and commercial clients.

Installation of Main Switchboard

The main switchboard draws electrical current from the utility provider system, divides it, and distributes it to smaller circuits. The power is then relayed down the line to the other devices. The main board ensures that the amount of current transmitted to the feeders is correct to protect devices from overloading.

During the installation process, Fried Electrical will work with you so we can design and build the right switchboard for your property. We provide a wide selection of products including:

1. Whole current metering

2. Multi-tenancy metering

3. CT-metred switchboards


    Distribution Boards Installation


    Whether it's a small residential property or a large commercial one, we can create a distribution board that suits your needs. All boards are 100% reliable, state of the art, and designed with our customers' needs in mind.

    Motor Control Centres

    existing switchboard
    commercial switchboard

    We are qualified and have experience in building a wide array of the latest motor control centres. Soft-starters and direct-on-line are just some of the options available for our North Brisbane clients. We also design and install supervisory control and data acquisition systems/telemetry and variable speed drives.

    Fried Electrical also instals switchboards for different mechanical equipment, as well as pump control panels. We can design and build custom switchboard enclosures made of the material of your choice.

    Ready to have your main switchboard in North Brisbane installed? Reach out to Fried Electrical by calling us at 0447 369 855, or get a free quote by sending us a message online.

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