Smoke Alarms

Smoke Detector Installation, Testing and Maintenance

At Fried Electrical, we can install all types of electrical installations, from smoke alarms and detectors to commercial and industrial electrical installations. Our professional electrician is fully trained, insured and has the necessary nationally recognised and government regulated qualifications to install your smoke alarms to the current Australian standards.. Our electrician is also an Energex approved electrical contractor and works to a high level of Occupational Health & Safety Standards.

We only use quality materials with premium warranties.

Smoke alarms might not appear that vital, however, their continuing presence and maintenance will save property, time, and lives – as well as yours. No one needs to awaken to the threatening glow of flames or the terrifying smell of smoke or be trapped in an office, building or warehouse without sufficient warning of fire or smoke and time to escape. A properly maintained smoke detector will provide you with a warning to danger so you have got enough time to escape.

To ensure your smoke alarms are operating correctly, Fried Electrical offers an economical smoke detector installation and maintenance service throughout North Brisbane. We provide installation of smoke alarms and fire detectors in any residential, business commercial, or industrial premises including Shops, Homes, Offices, Industrial buildings, elevators, schools, commercial buildings, and any other type of premises.

More than 250 Queensland homes experience fires each year. An average of sixteen individuals dies annually from residential fires. Fires are more possible to occur between 12 am and 8 am If a blaze starts while you’re sleeping, smoke inhalation will make it tougher for you to wake up. Early detection will increase your probabilities of survival. Failing to recognise the importance of smoke alarms will place your family at serious risk.

According to data collected by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, house fires claimed eighty lives in Queensland between the years 2010 and 2014. At Fried Electrical, we believe prevention is the best answer to any problem. Our team of knowledgeable smoke alarm installation specialists in Brisbane are here to assist you to secure your property against sudden residential fires. We offer a smoke alarm testing service throughout Brisbane and also the Sunshine Coast to allow you and your family the most effective attainable chance of avoiding tragedy.

Smoke Alarm Testing & Maintenance

Fried Electrical additionally specialises in the replacement and testing of all smoke alarms, making certain every unit is in excellent operating order. Your smoke alarms might look fine, you can’t be sure without testing them properly. Defective smoke alarms and obsolete technologies are answerable for fatalities and thousands of dollars of property injury each year. Some individuals even turn their alarms off by removing the battery.

Did you know hardwired smoke alarms only have a lifespan of 10 years? If you can’t remember the last time you used a smoke alarm installation and maintenance service, you’re in all probability due for an examination. Preferred Smoke Alarm Technologies Smoke detection devices have come a long way in terms of lifespan and efficiency.

If you’re unsure which smoke alarms to install on your property, Fried Electrical can give professional recommendations on the most efficient smoke detection systems. We suggest photo electrical devices over the cheaper and older ionisation smoke alarms. photoelectric smoke alarms can detect slow, smouldering fires and are much less likely to cause nuisance trips. Don’t risk your family, assets, property, or tenants.

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